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At Ross Family Doctors of Tatum Family Health Center, you will find a doctor 24 hours a day. While we want you to visit us during regular business hours, we are here for you anytime.


Even if you are insured, a visit to your physician could cost you $65 and the emergency room could run you as much as $300. You could also be waiting for up to 8 hours at an emergency room. Take advantage of our convenient, walk-in appointments to stay out of the emergency room when you don't need to be there.


Our goal is to keep you healthy, and we can do that by diagnosing diseases early. Contact us today and we can start helping you.

We are ready to help you be healthy

We routinely screen a number of diseases

•  High blood pressure

•  High cholesterol

•  Diabetes

•  Colon cancer

•  Tobacco abuse

•  Cervical cancer

•  Breast cancer

Visit our practice that has been around for over 40 years.

We speak Spanish